An upbeat red lipstick and sneaker-wearing sister duo out to change the way that people think about food!

From a very young age we loved to be in the kitchen; cooking, baking and trying out new things. We were encouraged by a loving mum whose passion for food and cooking certainly rubbed off on us and inspired us to be constantly growing, innovating and experimenting with food…and so began the food journey of The Delish Sisters.

The potential of owning our own restaurant in the future was something that we had always dreamed of doing together, and the buzzing Durban and Umhlanga Food Market scene was the perfect way to start. At the end of 2013 we embarked on our first Food stall at the Wonder Market in Durban, and after a tropical downpour of rain for the duration of the market, drenched and feeling despondent we packed up questioning whether this was REALLY what we wanted to do. Thankfully this feeling was short lived and on we soldiered with bright eyes and beaming smiles as each market became busier, queues became longer and a very loyal and supportive customer base began to form.

With the bigger picture in mind we began gathering momentum and before we knew it, we were half way through 2014, we’d quit our day jobs and Delish Sisters had snowballed into catering and starting up a little restaurant at The Ballito House. Here we learnt so much about owning a restaurant and developing our own set of systems. We soon got our very first staff members. It was a gorgeous setting and we had the pleasure of cooking for people from all walks of life, but as the business evolved catering picked up and markets boomed, we found ourselves in search of a bigger, more industrial kitchen. When the opportunity arose to take over the Café space at The Litchi Orchard in Salt Rock we seized it with both hands and so far it has been incredible…


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